Zoran Mojsilov: Time Machine at the Plains Art Museum 2018-19 / by Zoran Mojsilov

Mojsilov installed Time Machine at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND this month. The opening was November 8, 2018 and the exhibition will run until May 25, 2019. https://plainsart.org/exhibitions/zoran-mojsilov/

This recent work consists of large-scale wood assemblage sculptures referencing Serbian motifs found in woven carpets from the region of Pirot, Serbia. Mojsilov simmers his idiosyncratic forms with contrasting symbols carved and stained into wood.

Mojsilov voluntarity left the former Yugoslavia in 1983 and made his way to the U.S. by way of France. His ability to sample cultures along the way has kept his identity fluid and generated empathy for refugees leaving their countries today.

Louise Erdrich and Mojsilov have been discussing the refugee crisis in relation to his outdoor installation adjacent to his Minneapolis studio. Mojsilov sees it as a rest stop for people walking the Mississippi River. The granite columns, sculptures, and tables welcome anyone in need. Louise Erdrich calls it Temple of Refugees.

In this spirit, Louise Erdrich wrote a short poem for Mojsilov’s outdoor gathering space.

Mojsilov was inspired by this poem, carved the text into a woodblock, and printed an edition for this exhibition.

“Gather Yourself in Darkness. Take Only What You Can Carry in Your Heart.”

by writer and poet, Louise Erdrich

Tilt 1-4, 1982-2018

Tilt 1-4, 1982-2018