Jabucilo, 2017 by Zoran Mojsilov

Pirot, Serbia

Jabucilo done_20170823_122002883_HDR.jpg

Zoran installed Jabucilo on the grounds of Park Kale, the 2nd century Roman fortress in Pirot, Serbia. Also, visible above this site is the 14th century Pirot Fortress currently under restoration.

Serbian folklore describes Jabucilo as a winged horse with magical powers. Zoran focuses on the mythical qualities of Jabucilo (minus his rider, the "rebel" Momcilo) instead of a military narrative. The horse that defies gravity parallels a Mojsilov preoccupation. He often challenges the limits of balance and weight in his abstract sculptures. In this installation, the body of the horse breaks ground and seems to take flight. The horse's body mass is constructed out of limestone boulders, stones and local slabs of slate and steel form the powerful wingspan.

Jabucilo is 18 foot high, 15 foot wide, 15 foot deep.

This project was sponsored by the city of Pirot, Serbia.


 August 2017

August 2017

Zoran at Can Can Wonderland by Zoran Mojsilov

 Detail of Mojsilov's 200 Footlong Sculptural Bar

Detail of Mojsilov's 200 Footlong Sculptural Bar

Can Can Wonderland mixes art, 18-hole mini golf, food, drinks, and shenanigans. Zoran Mojsilov installed Pirot Kilim his mini golf hole , Z-BAR, and numerous sculptures around the building. Join the fun in January, 2017.

Located at 755 Prior Ave North #004, St Paul, MN 55104